Gov’t And LPER to Host Kongkow Smart Citizen

JAKARTA, Dec.19 ( – The Indonesian Home Affairs Ministry in cooperation with the Community Economic Empowerment Organization (LPER) will hold a seminar on the urgent of registering personal record in digital era on Dec.19.

The event, namely Kongkow Smart Citizen, or smart citizen gathering, aims to introduce the necessity to register personal data to the government which under the Home Affairs Ministry’s population and civil registration unit (Dukcapil).

It is part of the country efforts to syncronize population personal data from various institutions such as Central Bank and Financial Service Authority or OJK.

The free of charge event will be held in one of the ministry’s buildings in South Jakarta from 9a.m. to 12.30 p.m. said Liza Tanari, the chairwoman of the organizer.

It will present several speakers from various backgrounds, lawmaker, public influencers, and related government officials. is media partner of the event.

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