Don’t be Reckless When Helping People in Accident

People often appear in traffic accidents. Not infrequently, the flow of traffic was so choked up. One of them, the curiosity of people for events that occur so high that the movement of vehicles to be restrained.

The phenomenon is true not merely a monopoly in Indonesia. Almost a number of countries, tranquility seizes the attention of mankind. Do not believe, referring to the track record in cyberspace, so easy we see how the crowd in various countries at the location of the accident.

The crowd is certainly not limited to people who want to help the victims, but there are also just looking to see. Curiosity is so strong.

Not only that, our sense of humanity was instantly inspired. A sense of wanting to come straight out. Desires help very humanly. However, for bro Yogi, a medical who is also a driving instructor, it is worth noting a number of steps before helping the accident victims.

“One of the most noteworthy is how to lift the victim. Try to do well and place the victim’s body in a parallel position or not tilted, “said the young man, on the sidelines of breaking fast together (bukber) FSRJ, at one restaurant TIS Square, South Jakarta, Monday, June 11, 2018 evening.

FSRJ some time ago is short for Forum Safety Riding Jakarta. The forum is the forerunner of the road safety movement rolled out in Jakarta.

Back on how to take the victim. Yogi also demonstrates how to lift or move the body of the accident victims. Parallel body position was very important to prevent worse conditions. In fact, he gave tips on how to help the victims of the accident remain conscious and breathing is not disturbed. “It should be noted that the victim’s breathing should not be disturbed. This is very important. Of course this kind of help is not by ordinary people, but by trained medical personnel, “he said again.

I am one of those who believe that the right and proper way of helping and helping the victims to survive. Such help is expected to increase the chances for the victim to be alive.

The discussion as well as the exchange of thoughts about road safety in the midst of this time is more enthusiastic. In addition to discussing how to help victims of accidents, the conversation also extends to anticipatory driving behavior. That is, riders are not only able to drive, but also able to think. “Especially we are facing many riders who are impatient on the highway,” said bro Marwan.

This is where the importance of knowledge and understanding of road traffic is not only good, but also true. Either according to the current and valid legal ethics that apply today. Regarding the rules on the road, Indonesia is now implementing Law No. 22 of 2009 on Traffic and Road Transport (LLAJ) along with its derivative rules. Not impossible many of the road users who do not understand the rules. In fact, not all who know the rules of the rules to implement it when the road traffic.

Indeed the talk about road safety that is so thick in the event bukber, be special for me. How not, usually, the event bukber more dominant to beranjangsana or bersilusana. Therefore, the opportunity to exchange ideas in the event FSRJ bukber which is spoofed into Forum Silaturahmi Rakyat be an informal exchange of people who every day wira-wiri on the road. Exchange ideas to enrich understanding while encouraging road behavior to prioritize road safety.

“Yes, we want to always share the matter of road safety seriously but relaxed (sergeant),” said Bro Marwan.

Ok, agree. Do not get tired of good spreading.